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Assuming that your property meets the criteria on the hire page the hot tub will be delivered to your home on the evening of the agreed date (Thursday), upon arrival please make sure that somebody will be  at home to show the installation engineer where the hot tub will placed.

The engineer will then assemble the hot tub and connect the unit to your mains outlet (socket) which should be less than 13 metres from the hot tub.  The next step of installation will be to fill the hot tub with clean water from a hose pipe which should be made available to the engineer.  The engineer will start to fill the tub then show you how to apply the chemicals to the water which should be done daily.

The engineer will arrive on the day that the rental expires to empty the tub and disassemble the tub, this normally takes 10mins to drain and 20 minutes to pack-up the tub.  The engineer will then return your deposit if the tub is undamaged.

 2014 Island Hot Tub Hire (Isle of Wight)