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When Hiring a tub, there a few things that are required for the installation and running of the of the Hot Tub.

For safe and correct operation the hot tub, the surface where the hot tub is to operate should be flat and solid, for example the area should either be paved, concrete, patio or in some cases well supported decking. An Area of 7ft diameter is reqiuired. Installation on grass is not possible. Unless we supply one of our decking bases, at an additional charge of 30.

The tub is powered by a 13Amp blower/heater unit, the mains socket should be no further than 13 metres from the place where the tub will be installed.

Water Supply:
All we ask you to provide is a water supply and hose. This can be a HOT or COLD supply.

(If you use a HOT supply the tub will be able to be used straight away and if COLD filled it will take 24 hrs to heat up).

Ideally there should be drainage facilities within 10 metres of the tub for emptying purposes. (The lawn is ideal).

There are certain safety precautions whilst using the hot tub, 

  • It is not advised to drink alcohol whilst using  the hot tub.
  • Do not leave children un-attended in the tub.
  • Do no spend more than 20 mins in the tub at any one time.
  • Always cover up the hot tub when not in use.

 2014 Island Hot Tub Hire (Isle of Wight)